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Nearby the hotel, there are many attractive places that are worth visiting.

A tank, an armoured vehicle, cannons

Nearby the hotel there is a tank and an armoured vehicle. In the distance of about 200m from the hotel (premises of former GK unit). Directly at the hotel premises are cannons.


Saint Stanisław Papczyński sanctuary – the Cenacle on Marianki

Distance: about 1 km from the hotel
The Cenacle (small church of Lord’s Supper) on Marianki in Góra Kalwaria – currently father Stanisław Papczyński sanctuary – was built in 1674. It was a part of Nowa Jerozolima, currently Góra Kalwaria. The town and numerous churches were arranged on a cruciform plan as a symbol of Great Friday, and a small Cenacle, standing alone, emphasised mystery of Great Thursday. There pilgrims used to start their penitential way, accompanied by Marians, who along with seven other orders were brought to Nowa Jerozolima by bishop Stefan Wierzbowski.

The Cenacle is surrounded by small park with the sculpted stations of the cross – 15 stations carved in sandstone by Hanna Grocholska /works lasted for 12 years/. On the premises of sanctuary there is also the Museum of Saint Father Stanisław Papczyński.


Castle in Czersk

Distance: about 3 km from the hotel
The castle was built in 14th and 15th century by Janusz the First, duke of Mazovia. The structure was of a huge military importance. Walls were 2 m thick and 8 m high, which guaranteed a safe fortress. Since 1526 the castle came under the Queen Bona. The structure was badly damaged during Swedish deluge (1656).

At the end of 18th century, marshal Franciszek Bieliński made some moves to rebuild the castle. At that time, for example, the bridge over the fosse was built.

On the castle’s courtyard there are many annual theme events e.g. Heritage Days, the Queen Bona’s Gardens, Knightly Tournaments, about which information can be found on local posters, in the press and internet sites. During spring and summer period there are Weekend Historical Picnics – shows of knightly skills, handicraft market stalls, archery tournaments for the public.


Parish Church in Góra Kalwaria

Distance: about 0,5 km from the hotel
Funded in 1755 by grand marshall of the crown Franciszek Bieliński. The architect of the temple was Jakub Fontana. In 1952 primate Stefan Wyszyński gave the parish over to Marian order.


Saint Anthony shrine

Distance: about 0,6 km from the hotel
Small church located in the rear of parochial garden in Góra Kalwaria. In this baroque church is a statue of Saint Anthony. Next to the church is also a spring.

Sport and Leisure Centre in Góra Kalwaria

Distance: about 1,5 km from the hotel
The centre offers 2 swimming pools including one with an artificial river, a Jacuzzi, a paddling pool for children, a slide, a sauna and a gym.


Rope Park Pod Palmami in Pęcław near Góra Kalwaria

Distance: about 5 km from the hotel
The facility offers 3 routes with different level of difficulty, for children over 130 cm high.
Beside rope park, the facility offers to guests a possibility to use a café, a restaurant. There is also a music club, where during weekends concerts and discos etc. are organised.


Post windmill, Linin near Góra Kalwaria

Distance: about 5 km from the hotel
The windmill is considered to be the biggest post windmill in Poland. It was built in 1854 at Wola district in Warsaw and moved to Linin around 1916. Because of preserved technical devices it was recognised as a technical monument in the 19th century and has got historical and scientific value.

Graduation tower and spa complex in Konstancin

Odległość: about 15 km from the hotel
Uzdrowiska Konstancin-Zdrój S.A. has got a graduation tower – it is a therapeutic facility, namely an outside inhalatorium. It was built in 1978 and is powered by saline water from a nearby bore. Thanks to minerals intensity of 6,5%, it has got healing properties.

The air around Graduation tower, as a result of evaporation of saline water, creates a peculiar microclimate which is close to a climate which we can enjoy at the seaside. Minerals contained in it help to restore and regenerate mucous membrane of upper airways.

They also act as a stimulant on immune system situation. Particularly important for our health are elements of iodine, bromine, calcium and magnesium.

Casimir Pulaski Museum in Warka

Distance: about 22 km from the hotel
Manor-park complex offers visitors permanent expositions and temporary exhibitions connected with life of Polish-American hero of independence fights of both nations – Casimir Pulaski as well as promotes material and spiritual heritage of Grójec and Warka land.


Canoeing on the Vistula river

Distance: about 8 km from the hotel
Exemplary route: Royal Forest – Military Dam in Góra Kalwaria (2h).
Easy route, very striking – it is about 8 kilometres. Gorgeous sandy beaches and a possibility to meet an eagle makes this short distance may stick in your memory for a long time kajakigorakalwaria.pl.


It is around 50 ha of recreational premises that are larded with attractions. During a stroll through theme paths you may meet dinosaurs, robots, film vehicles. Park also encourages to spend time actively – there is a Lagoon, on which the facility is situated. There are canoes, boats, water bikes, plastic slides and many more!

Goat Farm in Alekasndrów near Góra Kalwaria

A small farm, campsite with many agro-attractions. It is necessary to book a date in advance.


in unique neighbourhood

ul. Dominikańska 11
05-530, Góra Kalwaria

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